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Electronic Interlocking - K5BMC

Kyosan’s K5BMC is the SIL4 Vital Interlocking System to perform failsafe interlocking logic and process control/indication functions. It uses diversity and self-checking architecture which is known as “Reactive fail-safe principle” in CENELEC terminology.

KSBMC - Kyosan Electronic Interlocking Equipment


  • Suitable for small, medium and big yards without external communication equipments.
  • Suitable for Distributed architecture with Optical fiber connectivity and hence, effective for auto sections and IBH.
  • No earthing is required for Electronic Interlocking system.
  • User friendly maintenance terminal (online hardware diagnostics, online relay and circuit status display, local and remote facility).
  • Phase and modification works are simplified as the application software is loaded only in CPU and not required to be loaded in I/O gatherers.

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