Automation tools

TSTS has a wide range of tools to ease the process of signalling design. Tools such as Logic Data Generator, Interface circuits and Boolean circuit’s generator perform the regular tasks in a fraction of the time as compared to manual preparation and with no errors.

This helps you to reduce the time involved in such tasks and focus more time on the system designing itself thereby increasing the quality of the system and improving the response time as well.

Logic Data Generator

Logic Data Generator (LDG) is a software application that automates the generation of application logic file(s) for a particular station based on the input files. The application logic file(s) generated through LDG is logically error free which further reduces the review and correction time and it reduces the time taken for developing the application logic file.

It is designed with options to suit the practices of zonal railways. As the basic tool has been developed with options and flexibility, it also can be modified to suit other global railways as per the practices and requirements.

Boolean To British Conversion Tool

Boolean to British Conversion Tool converts application logic written in Boolean form to equivalent British (Ladder logic) form in AutoCAD format. This tool, in addition to displaying equivalent circuits in AutoCAD format, has other features such as automatic wrapping of circuits to fit into A3 size, displaying appropriate tags, automatic space optimization while drawing the circuits, getting timer values displayed in the coil, etc. Thus, this tool facilitates complete conversion process automatically with zero manual intervention.

Interface Circuit Generator

Interface Circuit Generator is a software application to generate the interface circuits using bit chart, relay disposition details & EI rack details. The output generated will be in the form of AutoCAD files and reduces the review and correction time and there will be a substantial reduction in the time taken for designing the circuits compared to manual design. Once the baseline drawings such as Input/output chart, relay disposition chart, and templates are fed to EI Design Generator, complete interface diagram will be generated which include all terminal details, contact analysis, fuse chart etc.


LRDApp (Location REB Designer App) is a new approach to REB/Location circuit design in a configured manner with the available user inputs thereby reducing the design time and to achieve better quality of design. The core documents like LAP, Scheme Plan, TFM Schematic, Data Link Schematic, Axle Counter Schematic, Axle Counter Multi Core Plan, Cable & Power Schematic are given as inputs along with material Part No. details and Typical designs and the output Location/REB circuits are generated.

This tool has been implemented successfully for delivering 500+ location and 50+ REB designs for UK Railways in various projects comprising Nottingham, Swindon, Gatwick, PTW, Slough , Oxford, Bristol and Arunvalley.

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