touch-screenTechnology application
in transportation sector is developing at an amazing rate and the products related to the fields pertaining to traffic control and passenger amenities have a huge scope for growth.

TSTS, with its local expertise, understands the impact of these factors on the railway signalling systems and leverages the knowledge to develop innovative products built around railway signalling technology and customized to the local prevailing conditions with an aim to impact the emerging opportunities in this field.

Apart from supporting transfer of manufacturing (TOM) for group companies, we also have following products.

Isolated Serial Multiprotocol Converter:

Universal Isolator Cum Converter provides RS-232 to RS-422/RS485 signal conversion as well as isolation, transient and EMI/EMC protection between Serial communication ports.

Serial Multiprotocol Optical Converter:

TSTS’s serial-to-fiber converters are compact sized media converters that transmit RS-232/422/485 signals over optical fiber to a distance of 20Kms/40Kms/80Kms.

TCS based Touch Control Panel:

Touch screen based Train control System is a system in which the station Master gets the flexibility of setting the route within the station limits using Touch Control Panel.

USB Interface control panel (UICP):

In UICP, electronic keyboard is similar to computer keyboard which is used as control panel and these keyboards are connected with Operator VDU by using USB interface. Here, the Station layout which is available in the Operator VDU Display will be suitably modified to fix with the keypad matrix and printed on it.USBiCP (6)

The Keypad control panel shall provide the same comfort level to Railway operating staffs during the station operations.

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