Centralized Train Control - CTC

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) is a system for monitoring and control multiple station yards and block operations from a centralized location. It acts as a remote terminal for controlling locally installed Interlocking system. CTC equipment’s are installed in the following locations.

  • Control terminals at operation control center (DCC)
  • El interface equipment’s at station relay room
  • Station master terminal at SM room.

Using CTC terminal, the controllers can directly give commands to the locally installed Interlocking system. With additional authentication from both the stations EI’s, the CTC can handle block operations in the sections.

Major functionalities of CTC

Control operations

  • SM command
  • Route command
  • Point command
  • Crank handle
  • Collar operation
  • Block operation

Live Indication

  • Track Status
  • Point Status
  • Signal Aspects
  • Crank Handle
  • Route Set
  • Point Operation

Local remote changeover

Transfer of station operation control between DCC operator to station master

User management

Various user management like user creation, control area assignment and modifications

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