Train Management System - TMS

Kyosan’s TMS – Train Monitoring System is a management information system for monitoring train operations and assist in decision making for effective utilization Railway infrastructure. TMS equipments are installed in the following locations.

  • Servers and Control terminals at operation control center (DCC)
  • Field and El interface equipment’s at station relay room
  • Station master terminal at SM room.

From the TMS terminal, the controllers can see the live indications of the yards from the centralized location. Controllers can view multiple stations under their operating area. The control area of the section controllers can be easily reconfigured as per the traffic and available manpower during the operating shifts. This facilitates a flexible operating environment. Various reports and graphs required for assisting decision making are generated live and stored for future reference.

Major functionalities of TMS

Reports and Graphs

  • Punctuality reports
  • Bad runner report
  • Train Composition report
  • Punctuality analysis report
  • Maintenance Block report
  • Various reports as requested by Railways
  • Train Graph

Live Indication

  • Train ID
  • Track Status
  • Point Status
  • Signal Aspects
  • Crank Handle
  • Route Set

Time table

Train operating timetable can be created and simulated to optimize it. The created time table will be loaded into the TMS to capture the actual train operating timings.

Train Tracking

Once identified the trains in the TMS network are tracked based on the track occupancy and the train number is displayed on the controller terminals.

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