Signalling Design on cloud

Signalling plan Input Automation - SIA

An exclusive software application used to generate baseline design like Bitchart, Relay Disposition, El Rack Details, Simulation Diagram, Lamp board Diagram and other signalling details which will be used for further design deliverables like TDC, Interface Circuit, Application logic, VDU etc.

Interface Design Generator - IFG

A software application to generate the interface circuits for El which includes system level communication drawings, Relay installation wiring, El rack details with terminal details, contact analysis and fuse chart.

Automatic Table of Control Generator - ATOC

An application having excellent capability of generating Table of Control from the simplified CAD Input.

VDU Diagram & Database Automation - VDU

A software tool which generates VDU Layout with Control and indication database from the source file given as input.

Maintenance centre diagram & database Automation - MTC

It generates the Maintenance Terminal Layout, database for Critical failure analysis of system functions from output of Signalling input Automation Tool.

Logic Data Generator - LDG

Logic Data Generator (LDG) is a software application that automates the generation of application logic file(s) for a station based on the input files.

Boolean to British Converter Tool - BBCT

Boolean to British Conversion tool converts application logic written in Boolean form to equivalent British circuits form in Auto CAD format adaptable to all Railway practices and automatic wrapping of circuits to fit into A3 size drawing.

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