Simulation Tools

Interlocking Simulator Station (ISS)

Interlocking Simulator Station (ISS) is a Linux based desktop/laptop based system for testing EI/SSI application logic, which virtually eliminates the elaborate requirements of hardware setup and manpower.ISS can also be used as a training tool to learn the design of application logic and how it is implemented.

The interlocking testing of application program is performed in a standalone system with inputs as application logic, field input values and VDU data.

This can be interfaced and tested along with the actual VDU application of OEM. Hence, while testing the application logic itself, the VDU data can be validated.

This product is a generic product through which EI of any OEM can be simulated. However, the protocol of the VDU application and the underlying data format of application logic has to be provided by the OEM.









This product is delivered through Cloud as well wherein the ISS engine will be running in the Cloud server and the VDU is locally deployed in the customer PC. 1cloud

RITA is a complete testing environment consists of a PC based testing software application and a Commercially Off The Shelf IO Controller to automate the FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) procedures.

The RITA platform can also be interfaced with the ISS and perform the testing automatically. In addition to the control table testing, RITA also can be used to perform the Cross Table (Square Sheet) testing automatically which reduces the huge manpower and time involved.

CBTC Simulator

CBTC simulator is a PC based simulator wherein the CBTC functionalities are simulated in a PC. This simulator can be used along with the train model of different scales and can be used a training cum showcase display for the Railway officials and general public respectively. Presently this simulator is being implemented for Hyderabad metro.

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