Real time systems

Train Control Systems

TCS is a non vital safety related, state of the art, software based system used in Railway Station room for providing the commands to interlocking system and viewing the indications. Basically TCS is a station master console which replaces the hardwired control and indication panel used in Relay or Electronic Interlocking. The system has been designed as per SIL2 requirements of CENELEC. Certification process is in the advanced stage to obtain SIL2.K-VDU, one of the variant of TCS is developed and configured for Kyosan’s K5BMC Electronic Interlocking systems and has been successfully implemented in India at various stations. The other variants of TCS has been implemented in various stations in Malaysia & Bangladesh. The system can be customized, configured and interfaced with 3rd party OEM through a customized protocol convertor, with the protocol shared by the OEM.


Mini CTC

Mini CTC is a scaled down version of regular CTC to control upto 3-5 stations, having the features of Central and Local Control, Hot standby at Central control, Panel to PC and PC to Panel Change over, Dual network at central control for redundancy, Communication through fibre, Hot standby at Local Control , Data logging and Playback.

Train Id App

Train Id App is a software console which can be used for the application wherein the train Id management has to be done from a local station installed with the EI of one particular make connected to a CTC of another make. It is a generic application with a standard algorithm wherein the train id management can be done at the data level. Currently this has been implemented in Bangladesh Railway at Chittagong station where the EI is of Ansaldo Microlok and CTC is LSIS’s.

This application is deployed on the top of another application called Multi Protocol Convertor which TSTS has developed and is useful to interface EI of one particular make to CTC of another make.

1 Train ID

PCIXL (PC based interlocking system) is an interlocking engine running from a normal Linux based desktop computer. It performs the core functionality of a normal standalone electronic interlocking. PCIXL along with its interface modules can provide a full functional interlocking that is provided by a normal electronic interlocking. PCIXL controls the station yard based on the yard specific Boolean logic. PCIXL uses customized application logic format & the designer has to follow that format for wiring the application logic.