System Integration

System Integration

TSTS prides itself as a leading system integrator in the domain of Railways Signalling,having completed 900+ commissioning of Computer-based Interlocking Systems of various OEMs, of which Kyosan’s K5BMC itself is 500+. In addition, TSTS is a System Integrator for a range of other systems including Train Traffic Monitoring System (TMS), Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), Automated Fare Collection (AFC), Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS), Predictive Maintenance System (PMS), and a host of other products.

We take up system integration as a turnkey project, for all the activities that include from the Inception to Commissioning including supply of COTS products based on the approved standards and vendors.

We understand the importance of improvement and innovation; we have evolved over a decade of experience, and continuously make improvements to our process. Engineering expertise combined with domain knowledge, safety standards, and project management capabilities, brings out the success factor in every single system integration project, which reflects in numerous customer appreciation letters.

Strategic planning, multiple verification and validation cycles, automated scripts, simulation models, along with a variety of system engineering techniques are integral part of the activities. Starting with Requirements Elicitation, and moving on to Requirements Management, Change Control, Supply, Design, Configuration Management, Inter-disciplinary Engineering Assurance, Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, and Support, every stage is extensively planned and executed like a clockwork. Every single sub-system is integrated and tested with every other sub-system, based on the standard and project-specific requirements.

As a leading System Integrator in the transportation sector, we provide the following systems integration