TSTS is delighted to announce its significant milestone, the 1000th Station Commissioning of the Electronic Interlocking (EI) System of Kyosan make, on July 17, 2024, at Bharwasumerpur Station in North Central Railway of Indian Railways. Having completed 15 years of operations in June 2024, this milestone is a double delight for TSTS.

To put this in perspective, India has about 7,500 railway stations, and of the number of stations with EI System, TSTS has commissioned Kyosan’s EI in approximately 1 in 4 stations, within a short span of 10 years. This 1000 station milestone has been the fastest to reach by TSTS and Kyosan , as compared to the other system integrators & OEMs in India, and possibly anywhere around the world.

Indian Railways has a roadmap for infrastructure modernization by year 2030. Towards that effort, and as a part of nation-building, from the point of view of technological advancement and implementation with the state-of-the-art EI System complying to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4 from Kyosan, TSTS is proud to be playing its part in enhancing the safety of Indian Railways.

With the support of highly experienced and competent professionals, technicians, and support teams, TSTS has delivered reliable and innovative solutions to Indian Railways and Bangladesh Railways over the past 15 years. Looking forward to reaching new heights, TSTS expresses its deep gratitude to Indian Railways, Bangladesh Railways, Dedicated Freight Corridors of India, Railway Board, RDSO, RVNL, IRCON, Konkan Railways, Zonal and Metro Railways, Partners, Contractors, Suppliers, Service Providers, all Stakeholders, and the entire ecosystem for their unwavering support. Special gratitude goes to Kyosan for their trust in TSTS and this wonderful partnership.

TSTS particularly thanks and appreciates all its past and present staff and their families for their exceptional contributions and support, which have shaped TSTS into what it is today.

Reflecting on our milestones, the very first Station Commissioning was accomplished by TSTS on 22-Apr-2010 at Surareddipalem in South Central Railway, and the first EI System of Kyosan make was commissioned on December 21, 2014, at Nagasamudram Station in South Western Railway. In less than 10 years, the 1000th station milestone of Kyosan make EI commissioning has been reached, with 1600+ total commissioning (including phased commissioning). The roadmap for the 1000 station commissioning of Kyosan make EI, is illustrated below:

Here are some highlights of the end-to-end System Integration performed by TSTS, with Kyosan make EI:

 ➤ Number of stations commissioned with over 500 routes: 5 Stations
 ➤ Maximum number of routes: 664 (Varanasi, NR, October 15, 2023)
 ➤ Number of stations commissioned with over 200 routes: 71 Stations
 ➤ EI in-built block working: 9 Stations
 ➤ Auto-Section working with remote configuration in SCIXL application: 2 Sections in NER
 ➤ Highest number of commissioning in a single zone: 111 stations in NWR
 ➤ Number of stations with completed MTC Networking: 135 Stations

The total number of commissioning in each Financial Year is depicted below:

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We are a team of about 500+ professionals, with quality process certifications from ISO and CMMi, along with compliance with Industrial Safety, and Information Security Standards.

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