Traffic Management System (TMS)

Traffic Management System (TMS)

Traffic Management System is a monitoring and diagnostic system that performs real-time train tracking, for efficient monitoring, operations, maintenance, and diagnostics of train movements. The monitoring happens from a centralised Operations Control Centre (OCC), for a group of railway stations in its territory. Though monitoring happens from OCC, the actual actions are performed by the respective station masters based on the information received from OCC, including quick diagnosis of issues and timely action.

Purposes :

  • Real-time train traffic monitoring system from a centralized location
  • Reports that help in decision making for optimal utilization of tracks and trains 
  • Quick diagnosis of issues, and timely action by the corresponding issue owners 
  • Management of various sub-functions

Interfaces :

OCC : CRIS, Master Clock, SCADA, GSM-R, Train Information System, and other TMS

Local Station : CBI

Video Wall for displaying real-time signalling field gear status indications and train movement

Terminals at OCC and Stations

Features :

Train timetable preparation and management

Full-fledged Reports and Train Graphs

Real time train monitoring

User, Loco, and Crew Management

Failure Alarms

Redundancy to ensure fail-proof operations

Real-time status indications on Video Wall and terminals at OCC and Stations

Client Benefits :

Potential improvement in line capacity, based on the MIS reports and analysis of data

Effective utilization of railway assets, and reduction in operating cost

Product was conceptualized using Japanese standard

Software platform can be customized and configured based on the requirements of clients

Timely diagnostics and fixing of issues