Software Services

Software Services

Products :

Visual Display Unit (VDU) Software for Interlocking (IXL)

Safe Control and Indication for Interlocking (SCIXL)

Real-time Interlocking Tester and Analyzer (RITA)

Interlocking Simulation Station (ISS)

PC – based Interlocking (PCIXL)

Table – top CBTC Train Model

Signalling Design Automator (SDA)

Smart – Card Dispenser

In Addition to the above, the following products were developed by TSTS for third-parties:

Train Management / Monitoring System (TMS)

Centralized Train Control (CTC)

Device Drivers for several ISA/PCI bus-based special purpose cards

Event Counter

VDU for Axle Counter

Services :

TSTS provides Software Services for the above products and also for third party products. This includes:

Protocol Convertor for interfacing CTC

Inception to Commissioning of Electronic Interlocking (900+)

500+ installations of Visual Display Unit (VDU)

Real-time Interlocking Tester and Analyzer (RITA) for Testing activities

Deployment of “Interlocking Simulation Station (ISS) for Testing activities

PC – based Interlocking (PCIXL)

Train Management / Monitoring System (TMS)