Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS)

Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS)

Autonomous and Real Time signal control, based on estimated traffic demand at intersections, to minimize signal wait time, and to optimize the traffic flow, by dynamically changing the green split timings

Purposes :

  • To respond on a real-time basis
  • To provide a user-friendly interface to support day-to-day operations 
  • Optimized red-green phases of traffic signals in order to achieve green-green synchronization across the entire region or a particular section

Interfaces :

Vehicle Detectors, Road Traffic Signal Controller Unit, Pedestrian Sensors (optional), Signal crossing Pushbutton Unit (optional for pedestrians), LED Signal Lamps

Master Controller, Supervisory HMI/GUI/VDU, Data Communication System (DCS), VPN Router

Road Traffic Signal Controller Unit, Main Control Board (MCB), Power Supply Unit, Signal Light Switch Unit (SSU), Display Unit 7-Segment LED, Interface Unit, Manual Operation Unit

Control Center

Features :

Optimizes signalling by predicting traffic flow in real-time including emergency

Traffic time plan on a timely basis (Year/Date/Time), Weekly / Seasonal / Special Days

Detection system based on Camera or Sensor

Failure capturing feature at each hardware/module level 

Improved travel time reliability, future infra requirements based on real-time traffic density

Client Benefits :

Saves both time & fuel

Reduced accident rates

Faster movement of vehicles or Travel Speeds

Increased operational efficiency

A platform for Multimodal Transport Systems