Signal Engineering Services

Signal Engineering Services

TSTS takes up the complete lifecycle activities of Signal Engineering Services from Inception to Commissioning, having the following phases :

Design Activities

Execution Activities

Testing & Commissioning Activities

Maintenance Activities

Other Activities

  • Project Management for ERTMS projects
  • 500+ commissioning which includes large yards
  • Site survey and preparation of CCP and CRP
  • Preparation of Trackside system architecture
  • Trackside data programming
  • Local manufacturing management
  • Local product development
  • Indian DMI for ERTMS Level 1 Projects
  • Lineside Electronic Units (LEU) and Onboard cabinets for ERTMS Level 1 Projects
  • Fixtures for OEM equipment
  • Identification of local items such as speed sensors
  • Proto trials – static and dynamic conditions
  • Performance monitoring and Maintenance
  • Signaling Direct Drive Models for Signals and Points

During the versatile and wide experience working with different OEM products, interfaces to the following sub-systems have been carried out : 

Visual Display Unit (VDU)

Event Logger / Data Logger

Maintenance Terminal Networking (MTC)

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Axle Counter Systems

Train Management System (TMS)

ATP and ATO for CBTC and ERTMS Systems

Communication Equipment Development

TSTS delivers 61 different outputs across all the phases of the lifecycle, performing 36 different sets of activities. As part of these activities, the following automated tools / environments are used, in order to increase productivity, reduce errors/faults, and to reduce cost for the clients : 

Signalling Design Automator (SDA)

Interlocking Simulation Station (ISS)

Real-time Interlocking Tester and Analyzer (RITA)

Our delivery models include the following, with custom-defined responsibilities and scope of work :

  • Dual-shore/site
  • Offshore/site only
  • Turnkey
  • Fixed Cost
  • Time & Materials (T&M)

Certifications and Licensing

SIL2 certificate of SCIXL

TSTS ISO Certificates

TSTS CMMI Certificates

ISO 45001 Compliance

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO 27701 Compliance (in-progress)

IRSE Licenses