Automated Fare Collection (AFC)

Automated Fare Collection (AFC)

Automated Fare Collection System (AFC) is one of the basic systems and station equipments used in Metro Trains and Buses, that consists of automated gate machine, ticket vending machine and ticket checking machine. This eases the life-cycle activities for all the stakeholders and improves productivity

Purposes :

  • To reduce the wait time for passengers, and to increase the throughput
  • To increase revenue collection, reduce pilferages, and provide added benefits to the passengers and crew
  • To improve productivity, and to monitor and implement additional services based on analytics
  • To enable future readiness for potential integration with other services

Interfaces :

Automated Gates

Add Value Machine (AVM), Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), Ticket Office Machine (TOM)

Excess Fare Office (EFO)

Secondary TOM (S-TOM)

Ticket Reader (TR)

Station Computer (SC) with server rack

Electrical cabinets and server racks

Portable Ticket Decoder (PTD)

Central Clearing House System (CCHS)

Features :

Configurability of the Hardware

Flexibility with Payment Methods

Business Intelligence Reporting

Integration with Other Departmental Systems

Cloud or inhouse server can be used

Client Benefits :

Improved passenger service

Flexibility of tariff policy

Reduced pilferage, improved revenue and profit

Instant reconciliation, analytics for increased capacity

Reduced cash transactions and automate the process via smart cards

Reduced wait time for passengers, reduced altercations