Signalling Design Automation (SDA)

Signalling Design Automation (SDA)

SDA is an Automation of Design processes of entire Signalling deliveries, with a view to deliver high quality design consistently, by optimal and effective utilization of resources.

Purposes :

  • Auto generation of Control Table, Signalling Interlocking Logic Program/Circuits, Interface Circuits, Station Operator Console and Maintenance Console with minimal inputs
  • Increasing productivity, and reduction in manual or rework
  • Can be used for configuring different signalling rules irrespective of the size of the stations

Interfaces :

Signalling Input Automator (SIA)

Interface Circuit Generator (ICG)

Automated Table of Control (AToC)

Logic Data Generator (LDG)

Operator VDU Layout Automator (VDU)

MTC VDU Layout Automator (MTC)

Boolean to British Circuit Convertor (BBCC)

Features :

Cloud based software

Generation of design outputs to access anytime and anywhere

Template driven input to generate related output

Client Benefits :

Reduces the project execution time

Significant cost saving because of the automation

Customer satisfaction with the high quality of deliveries

Cloud based SDA tool can be easily upgraded to handle any new or different customer requirement

Uniform and consistent design deliverables at all times