CBTC Simulator

CBTC Simulator - Communications-Based Train Control

A simulator that can be used to simulate and demonstrate the CBTC system and its features to delegates, senior management, new technicians, and the general public as needed. The Software can work on a train model system that consists of miniature trains running on a table with stations and yards, having tracks, points, and signals to replicate the functioning of a metro train network. The model is controlled by a software running on a PC

Functions :

Has controlled areas for the entire layout, and interlocking for each controlled area

The train model has VDU software to display the layout

The VDU software displays track, track occupancy, signals, and points details

The VDU software receives inputs from the user to operate the signalling gears as per the interlocking principles

The training model demonstrates CBTC functionality as applicable to train model

The training model demonstrates automatic dispatch of trains as per the timetable

The training model has the functionality to run the trains in cyclic mode

The train model points and signals are interlocked for safe operation of trains over the layout

Features :

Manual Operation

Manual Operation with CBTC Supervision

Automatic Train Dispatch as Per Timetable

Cyclic Mode for Demonstration General Public

Client Benefits :

As CBTC scenarios are complicated, demonstrating them with real trains is difficult to understand for non-signalling people.

With this training model customers can easily demonstrate all the features of CBTC in a single room