Real Time Interlocking Tester & Analyzer (RITA)

Real Time Interlocking Tester & Analyzer (RITA)

RITA is an automated platform that has interfaces to a simulator or CBI/EI, in order to perform system integrity testing, using Hardware-in-loop testing methodology.

Purposes :

  • Testing the system integrity before commissioning
  • Performing General, Interlocking, Operational, Functional, Safety, Table of Control, and Bit level Manipulation Tests in automated manner
  • In-house and client factory acceptance testing (FAT), in house and client system acceptance testing (SAT)
  • Real time and simulated testing
  • Reducing the time duration, and increasing the productivity of the entire life cycle

Interfaces :

Systems: CBI / EI, VDU, CT Rack

Electronic Interlocking , Distributed Electronic Interlocking, Panel Interlocking, Route Relay Interlocking, Private Railway Yard Applications

Possible to test multiple station commissioning / testing in a particular route / stretch

Features :

Automatic testing and analysis of interlocking and field integrity check

Interoperable with any OEM’s EI for FAT / SAT with Manual Visual Display

Operation Checking

Easy to customize as per requirements

Bit-level manipulation testing

Comprehensive reporting

Client Benefits :

Scalable, Modular and Distributed Systems for Efficient Hardware In Loop (HIL) Testing

Shortens the Site Testing & commissioning time, with reduction in human and wiring errors

Completeness and Correctness of testing can be ensured, based on the specific requirements

Documentary evidence of testing is available, for further analysis

Increased productivity for Site Acceptance Testing / Commissioning Testing