Maintenance Terminal Console (MTC) Networking

Maintenance Terminal Console (MTC) Networking

MTC Networking is a PC based HMI (Human Machine Interface) tool that provides real-time graphical display and system status replay (Playback), showing track circuits, points, signals, and other equipment, so that the interlocking status at any given time can be easily understood, for the stations under its control.

Purposes :

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of CBI events and other application signalling logic status
  • Collection of data from CBI and playback as needed
  • Supporting designers, testers, and maintainers to analyse the failures of CBI
  • Automatically recording all system input, output, and data changes

Interfaces :

CBI (Computer Based Interlocking)

VDU (Visual Display Unit)

Track Layout Window

Graphics Window

Relay Status Window

State Tracker Window

System Status in Block diagram View

Field Equipment Status View

Features :

Real time data and failure identification

Online and Offline data analysis

Display of Online Circuit and Relay Statuses


Archival of stored logs

Client Benefits :

User-friendly graphic and text-based evaluation of events

Problem Identification and Problem resolution is easy

Lower Maintenance costs for the signalling system including reduced Capital Costs

Playback (simulating) of failure events

Increased Revenue or Increased line capacity

Increased system availability due to earlier identification of potential failures, leading to timely fixes