Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

CTC is a real time Train Traffic Control and Indication System for efficient monitoring, operations, maintenance, diagnostics, remote Command & Control of Train Movements. The prime difference between TMS and CTC is that CTC can perform remote control and Automatic Route Setting by the System, using rules engine, right from the Operations Control Center.

Purposes :

  • Real-time train traffic monitoring and controlling system
  • Reports that help in decision making for optimal utilization of tracks and trains
  • Quick diagnosis, and timely action by the issue owners
  • Management of various sub-functions

Interfaces :

OCC: CRIS, FOIS, Master Clock, SCADA, GSM-R, ICMS, NTES, IRTS, Train Information System, and other TMS / CTC, and Video Management System

Local Station: CBI

Video Wall for displaying real-time signalling field gear status indications and train movement

Terminals at OCC and Stations

Features :

Optimising resources and forecasting based on actual data

Automatic route setting

Modular and scalable design

OCC Operator has full control of all connected stations

OCC Operator does continuous monitoring & operations of Failures & Alarms, Status of Controls, Field Gears, and Train Tracking

Client Benefits :

Configured for Standalone System or as CTC at OCC

Flexible, fully integrated and automated operation

Potential to optimize capacity, reduction of delays, improvement in forecasting and conflict resolution

Flexible, efficient management of deviations, energy and incidents

Decision Support System and KPIs for optimizing network, with integrated HMI

Online operational and technical performance monitoring for optimal availability and safety

Safe operation permission handling between local- controlled interlocking systems and CTC

Reduced lifecycle cost, improved maintainability