Interlocking System

Computer-Based Interlocking (CBI) System

This is a microprocessor-based safety-critical signalling subsystem for the safety of train operations, that works by controlling the set of signalling gears that prevents trains from conflicting movements, and by allowing trains to receive authority to proceed when routes have been set, locked, and detected in safe combinations.

Purposes :

  • Safety of train operation by controlling a set of signalling gears

Interfaces :

Train Management System / Centralized Traffic Control

Level Crossing System

Central Maintenance Terminal Console / Diagnostic System

Features :

Certified for Safety Integrity Level CENELEC SIL 4

Enhanced or Improved System Capacity

System is approved by the respective safety and certification agencies of multiple countries including India (RDSO)

Scalable System Architecture for Small, Large, and Distributed Systems 

Safety Principle: 2oo2 (2 out of 2 Architecture)

Centralized or Decentralized / Distributed Architecture

Client Benefits :

Highest Safety and Availability

Modular system architecture at functional level, with safety channel

Redundancies at Module level

 Efficient diagnosis and maintenance mechanism

Proven System with consistent technology evolution

Easy integration into existing infrastructures both at the field and operating level

Low Life-cycle cost