Signalling Design Engineering Services

Signalling Design Engineering Services

TSTS takes up the complete signalling design engineering activities as a service that is usually performed from offshore/site, having the following phases:

The following are the stages of the design phase:

The following are part of the scope of design activities

Design and Verification of Signal Interlocking Plan, Route Control Chart, Route Section Plan, and Cable Core Plan

Design and Verification of Interface Circuits (System Configuration, Room Floor Plan, VDU Diagram, Relay Position Chart, Circuit Diagram, Circuit Details, and EI Networking Diagram)

Design and verification of Relocatable Equipment Buildings

Trackside Function Modules

Design, Verification, and Validation of Application Logic of Electronic Interlocking

VDU Design

MTC Design

Power Load Calculation for Electronic Interlocking

TSAA Documentation

Support for FAT and SAT