Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance System (RDPMS)

Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance System (RDPMS)

RDPMS is based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology to remotely monitor the Signalling assets and perform advanced Data Analytics to give Predictive Faults and Maintenance alerts

Purposes :

  • To reduce the MTTR and increase reliability of Signalling Assets 
  • To reduce the cost of asset management 
  • To support scheduled maintenance and guide Maintenance team in day-to-day planning   
  • To forecast remaining useful life of equipment
  • To measure voltage, current, vibration, humidity and temperature at functional level
  • To provide predictive maintenance using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • To Interface with other signalling system for acquiring the diagnostics and data analytics to propose predictive maintenance

Interfaces :

Users: Maintainers, Supervisors, Management, OEM

Control Centre: Private Cloud or Central Server, Dashboard: HMI / GUI / VDU

Location Station: Wayside IOT based Sensors, Station Specific Gateway, Private Cloud or Station Specific Server, Dashboard: HMI/GUI/VDU

Features :

Real-time data monitoring of Signalling assets

Predictive Analytics & Alerts

Asset representation on GIS Map view

Client Benefits :

Reduced maintenance costs & increased efficiency

Cost savings due to reduced delay of trains due to equipment failure

Remove the need for physical loop inspection

Early Awareness, increased Automation, reduce paperwork