PC Based Interlocking (PCIXL)

PC-Based Interlocking (PCIXL)

PC-based standby interlocking system which can be used as a backup interlocking and can be used as a Non-Interlocked Panel during non-interlocking period

Purposes :

  • Standby Interlocking system that can be used if the main interlocking system (hardware) fails

Interfaces :

Interlocking PC

Visual Display Unit PC

Field Interface Rack (FIR)

Features :

Increases throughput during fatal failures of interlocking systems, as compared to the paper clearance

Stores Logs of PCIXL system

Has real-time field I/O status monitoring facility

Application logic is loaded using USB devices

The interlocking application program is traceable

Compatible for Panel Interlocking (PI) / Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) / Electronic Interlocking (EI)

Client Benefits :

When interlocking fails, station operations can be resumed with a changeover switch

To ensure continuous availability of signalling system

Maintaining the throughput, by avoiding changeover to manual mode operations

Cost-effective solution

Portable and easy to handle

Modular and  independently implemented

User Authentication ensures unauthorized switch over