Product Approval

Product Approval

Rail approval management helps Signalling System manufacturers, suppliers, railway operating companies and infrastructure managers gain approval from the relevant governing bodies to place their System into service. 

In-depth knowledge is required to understand the different approval requirements, depending on the type of railway Signalling System and the conditions of its intended use. 

Electronic Interlocking System

Train Control System (VDU)

  • TSTS professional network enables us to support you with complete one-stop support for Signalling System assessment, from conceptualization to product approval. 
  • Our experts are recognized as railway signalling system experts from Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO).

TSTS acts as your independent partner throughout the approval process with an extensive suite of services.

  • We maintain an up-to-date overview of the complex approval requirements to assist manufacturers, suppliers and railway operating companies throughout the process.
  • We support you in understanding the requirements to avoid misinterpretation.
  • Analyse your project to identify possible delays and operational constraints.
  • Identify risks and support decisions by managing coordination between authorities, customers and engineering partners.

Our experts contribute to your continuous process improvement and help establish or organize your process manuals to strengthen your approval department

  • Independent oversight and assessment of issues associated with new products
  • Co-ordination of the new products approval process 
  • Partnership with client-facing product development and infrastructure areas to resolve product-related issues
  • Chairing/leading relevant governance for Product Approval (PA) process 
  • Ensuring approval conditions and associated actions related to new product approval are monitored and met
  • Lead coverage for Product Approval (PA) process
  • Manage a team and lead coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders across business divisions, segments and jurisdictions 
  • Perform and oversee quality assurance of Product Approval (PA) proposals to validate that risk is adequately managed and ensure compliance with policies and procedures
  • Lead engagement with multiple regulators