Automatic Train Protection (ATP)

Automatic Train Protection (ATP)

ATP is a SIL4 System providing visual and audio warnings to advise the train driver if that train crosses a red signal or exceeds speed restrictions.

Purposes :

  • To monitor train speed, jumping red signal, unauthorized rollback, monitor direction of travel, detect train position 
  • To monitor and enforce any request for a temporary speed restriction imposed on the track 
  • To activate Emergency Brake (EB) and enforcement of train stand-still 

Interfaces :

Onboard ATP System: Onboard Computer (OBC) (SIL4), Wheel Speed Sensor (WSS), Antenna, Train Interface Unit, Driver Machine Interface (DMI) (SIL2)

Wayside ATP System: Lineside Electronic Unit (LEU) (Signal Encoder), Balise

OBC: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Train Interface Unit (TIU), Rolling Stock Interface Unit, Relay Interface Unit (RIU)

Driver Machine Interface (DMI): Display current status (Speed, Mode, Brake) and events received from OBC to Train Driver action

Interface Unit for OBC/Antenna: Receives & Decoding data from Balise

Features :

Higher level of Safety and Constant speed monitoring

Increased reliability and punctuality


Client Benefits :

Increased speed and mainline capacity

Operational Flexibility

Turnkey solution for the whole rail operation system

A cost-efficient train control system

Maximizing customer revenue

Continuous speed supervision

Scalable architecture

Adaptable to customer needs 

Increased accessibility