Employee benefits are defined as indirect or non-cash benefits given to employees above and beyond their regular salary. We at TSTS also provide a wide range of benefits to our employees which are at par with industry in order to attract, retain and engage the best employees in the organization. The details are as follows:

  • Retirement Benefits like Employee Provident Fund, Pension Scheme and Gratuity as per Acts
  • Five working days a week with semi flexible working hours and paid time off
  • Paid Leaves which include Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Bereavement leaves
  • Health Insurance Plans like Group Mediclaim policy for Self, Spouse, Children and Parents/In-Laws, Group Personal Accident and Group Term Life Policy for Self
  • Employee assistance programs like Education allowances to children of Technicians and Interest Free Loan for employees dealing with personal emergencies
  • Professional Development programmes like Higher education and certification policy, Leadership, Japanese Language and soft skill Training Programmes

Career Development

Due to the nature of the work being performed which involves public safety, TSTS views and expects all professionals to be aligned with the latest trends in the industry. To that effect, the organization provides regular training in the following areas :

Domain Knowledge

Emerging Technologies

Leadership Development

Customer Engagement


At TSTS, contribution of every single individual is valued equally, and hence every single person is adequately cared for, whether it is their safety, wellness, or career. The extraordinary value creators are rewarded regularly in the following categories :

Innovation Excellence

Performance Excellence (multiple categories)

Project Completion / Milestones

Performance Recognitions

Referral Bonus

Instant / Ad-hoc Recognitions

TSTS provides opportunities in Engineering, Technology, Management, and Business Development domains. We build a workplace that is safe, inclusive, and one where the professionals are free to voice their thoughts for the collective growth of the organization