CBTC (Signalling)

Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC)

CBTC is a “moving-block”-based railway signalling system for Metro Railways that makes use of the radio communications between the train and track equipment for the traffic management, infrastructure control, and automatic route setting

Purposes :

  • The accurate and exact position of a train is known more than traditional signalling systems. 
  • Efficient and safe way to manage the railway traffic

Interfaces :


  • Brake Profile, Train Interface Unit (TIU), Tacho Generator 
  • Cab Signal (onboard computer or OBC), Driver Machine  Interface (DMI) 
  • Train Detection, Train Location, and Speed 
  • Wayside: Antenna, Balise, Access Point 


  • Operations Control Center (OCC) 
  • Visual Display Unit (VDU) with Automatic Route Setting


  • Computer-based Interlocking (CBI)


  • Movement Authority (using Moving Blocks)


  • Optional Platform Screen Door (PSD)

Features :

Ensures safe train movement with or without driver

Ensures stability of wireless communication

High accuracy of speed detection using Safety Sensor

Client Benefits :

Increased line capacity

Transforming line capacity with lesser headway time

Reduction of Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

Reduction of overall energy consumption

Increase in performance

Flexible future-proof solutions 

Improved operational efficiency

Improved maintainability and Increasing availability using Enhanced Services