Platform Screen Door (PSD)

Platform Screen Door (PSD)

Partial height Platform Screen Doors are devices that physically block the platform from the Railway tracks, thereby preventing people from falling off the platform onto the tracks and enhancing the platform safety

Purposes :

  • Prevention of collision with person/people on the tracks 
  • Fewer delays caused by safety incidents 
  • Reduction in the energy costs 
  • Minimal requirement of the number of station staff and train crew

Interfaces :

PSD Power Supply

PSD Control Cabinet

Platform Screen Doors (Fixed and sliding screen doors)

Emergency Escape Doors (EED)

Manual Secondary Doors (MSD)

Platform Supervisor Booth Remote Alarm (PSA)

Control cables

CBI, and Station Management Systems (SMS)

Features :

Designed for rail applications

Can be installed on new and existing platforms

Modular build, installation, plug & play control systems

Suitable for underground, external and elevated stations

Emergency escape doors

Platform door operation synchronizes with train door operation

Client Benefits :

Improved passenger safety

Delivers consistent dwell times

Enhancement in platform architecture

Key enabler of Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

Enhanced operational efficiency

Cleaner and quieter station environment