System Assurance – RAMS & Cybersecurity

System Assurance

At TSTS, we provide end to end support to clients complying with standards and requirements related to RAMS and cyber security. We also assist our clients in getting the products certified for SIL, cyber security, and ISA


Process compliance for CENELEC SIL-2, SIL-4, and ASILD (SIL-4 equivalent) Certification

EN5012X (System, Software, and Hardware)

IEC62443 (Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems)

TS50701 (Cyber Security for Railways Applications)

ISO 26262 (Automotive Functional Safety)


Our Offerings Include

  • V&V Support for software, hardware, and system development to ensure compliance to CENELEC 5012X (System, Software, and Hardware)
  • Extended support in the design, V&V for Software, Hardware, and System Development to ensure compliance to CENELEC 5012X
  • RAMS Assessment and safety case reporting for system support

Our Capabilities Include

  • Adherence to SDLC life cycle
  • Design, development and verification for PC based software (EN 50128) applications, hardware (EN 50129) and Systems (EN 50126)/span>
  • IV&V, and Certification support
  • RAM assurance services including Planning, Reporting, WBS, Data Analysis, and Demo Plan
  • Safety assurance services including Planning, Safety Case, Hazard Analysis, Data Analysis, and Operating Instructions


Our Offerings Include

  • Support for product development to ensure compliance to IEC 62443
  • Security Assessment and Security Case support to comply with TS 50701, IEC 62443

Our Capabilities Include

  • Hazard identification and Risk assessment for the system under deployment
  • VAPT support to ensure compliance
  • Cyber Security Safety Case reporting
  • IV&V, and Certification support